New xmonad website launched


After a year running a rather old school website, Devin Mullins has rewritten the site from scratch, to be much simpler, much easier to navigate, and with a renewed focus on “why you want xmonad”, and “how it makes your work easier” (hint: you stop wasting time organising your desktop, and can spend more type getting stuff done!). Yeah, we love Kathy Sierra, in xmonad land. Users rule!

There’s also a new section for videos too. So grab xvidcap, istanbul or recordmydesktop and record how you use xmonad. Show us something we don’t know!

To kick off the screencast season, here’s a reprise of the Haskell Workshop demo from a year ago, with Don S. talking about the design process behind xmonad:

And see you all at ICFP next week! Or on twitter, or on IRC.

The screencasts are starting to appear. Here, a simple tour recorded with xvidcap,

2 Responses to “New xmonad website launched”

  1. 1 Nick C

    Xmonad is great. Don’t forget to update the website/blog from time to time though!


  2. 2 Nick C

    Great that you have a new site, it would be great to see it updated from time to time though!

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