contribs review: ThreeColumnsMiddle, CenteredMaster, Mosaic


From now on we are going to announce new extensions from the xmonad-contrib library in this blog.
Here are the first contributions of 2009. Try them out!


by Carsten Otto

A layout similar to Tall but with three columns, where the main window is in the middle. With 2560×1600 pixels this layout can be used for a huge main window and up to six reasonable sized slave windows.


by Ilya Portnov

CenteredMaster consists of two layout modifiers. centerMaster places one (master) window at center of screen, on top of other windows. All other windows are managed by base layout. For example, with

centerMaster Grid

one will get something like this screenshot.

topRight layout modifier is similar, but places master window in top right corner instead of center.


by Adam Vogt

A mosaic layout based on MosaicAlt. The position of a window in the stack determines its position and layout, and the overall tendency to make wide or tall windows can be changed. In contrast to MosaicAlt, Mosaic allows changing window sizes by relocating them with Layout.WindowNavigation.

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