contribs review: CycleWindows, multimedia keys, runOrCopy



by Wirt Wolff
Provides bindings to cycle windows up or down on the current workspace stack while maintaining focus in place. Bindings are available to:

  • Cycle nearby or nth windows into the focused frame
  • Cycle a window halfway around the stack
  • Cycle windows through the focused position.
  • Cycle unfocused windows.

These bindings are especially useful with layouts that hide some of the windows in the stack, such as Full, TwoPane or Mosaic with three or four panes.

Multimedia keys

Alexey Khudyakov added support for multimedia keys in Emacs-style keybindings (see XMonad.Util.EZConfig).


by Lanny Ripple
runOrCopy from XMonad.Actions.CopyWindow will run the provided shell command unless it can find a specified window in which case it will copy the window to the current workspace. Similar to XMonad.Actions.WindowGo.


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