New layout: XMonad.Layout.Cross

The cross layout

The cross layout

A new xmonad layout has been added to xmonad-contrib, by Luis Cabellos.

The “cross layout” has a main window in the center of the screen and the rest on the sides of main window, as a cross configuration. It’s similar layout to Circle, but in Cross the focused window always is on top and in the center.

3 Responses to “New layout: XMonad.Layout.Cross”

  1. 1 twoflower

    Nice one. But try to move mouse over inactive window…

  2. 2 Joeri van Eekelen

    twoflower: add
    , focusFollowsMouse = False
    to your top-level config. Is there a way to set this on a per-layout basis?

  3. The topologically correct solution to the focus-follows-mouse problem is to warp the mouse so that the entire desktop feels like a hyperbolic space…

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