Why tiling? Why xmonad?


A great post on the why you would want to use xmonad from Jesse Andrews: Getting Tiled with XMonad. A choice quote:

XMonad has defeated all other desktop environments



2 Responses to “Why tiling? Why xmonad?”

  1. 1 adrian

    I love xmonad, because its not only the fast ! Its the best WM i ever used. I know many Operationsystems with many other GUIs, but xmonad is soooo good. Its not for the eyes – its for the brain !

  2. 2 steez

    xmonad is really appealing, naked and usefull.

    it may be specific to me, but is ghc always so big or is it only the archlinux package that is overwhelming (~400MB.. more than jdk and .Net together)
    it’s scary, especially if the goal is to have a small system ^^

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