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Here are the download statistics for source tarballs and the darcs repository of xmonad, going back to April 2007, when we initially released version 0.1 From April 2007 to March 2009 xmonad core source releases were downloaded more than 35 thousand times. In addition, the darcs repository for xmonad was cloned 24 thousand times, and […]

Tom Dryer has written a great introduction to using xmonad on ubuntu. What good is having a large display if you’re constantly rearranging windows to fit them on the screen? I got tired of try to fit a web browser with other smaller windows and decided to try xmonad, a tiling window manager that could […]

Here’s the xmonad contrib library visualised with cabalgraph. Thanks for all the contributions! has a nice post describing a new xmonad layout for  the gimp. Read the full story.

xmonad on eee


Matt Gruskin put together some screenshots of xmonad on the eee 1000, Note the use of a tabbed layout, and the prompt extension. See   the full set of shots here

Miles Sabin wrote an interesting post on the xmonad mailing list about a layout that would have xmonad work as a sliding block puzzle. Intriguing!