contribs review


by Daniel Wagner
XMonad.Layout.IndependentScreens can be used to have independent sets of workspaces on each screen (like dwm’s workspace model). Note that this module may be superseded soon by module Braden Shepherdson and Wirt Wolff are developing, which provides more rich set of features.

by Nelson Elhage
XMonad.Actions.PhysicalScreens allows you to manipulate screens ordered by physical location instead of relative to each other (as reported by Xinerama) rather than their ScreenID’s (which are arbitrarily determined by your X server and graphics hardware). With help of this module you can name screens by relative layout, switch to a given screen or move a window there.

by Konstantin Sobolev
Allows to have several floating scratchpads running different applications.

by Nicolas Pouillard
XMonad.Actions.TopicSpace allows to organize your workspaces on a precise topic basis. So instead of having a workspace called work you can setup one workspace per task. Here we will call these workspaces topics. The great thing with topics is that one can attach a directory that makes sense to each particular topic. One can also attach an action that will be triggered when switching to a topic that does not have any windows in it. So one can attach our mail client to the mail topic, some terminals in the right directory for the xmonad topic… This package also provides a nice way to display your topics in a historical way using a custom pprWindowSet function. You can also easily switch to recents topics using this history of last focused topics.

by Konstantin Sobolev
XMonad.Layout.ComboP is a layout that combines multiple layouts and allows to specify where to put new windows. It mostly acts as CombineTwo, but also takes a predicate which controls new windows placement. From another point of view, it generalizes IM layout allowing multiple windows to be selected and organized in the separate area using arbitrary layout.

by Quentin Moser
XMonad.Hooks.FloatNext provides actions (that can be set as keybindings) to automatically send the next spawned window(s) to the floating layer.

by Quentin Moser
XMonad.Hooks.Place module provides a ManageHook that automatically places floating windows at appropriate positions on the screen, as well as an X action to manually trigger repositioning.

GridSelect improvements
Daniel Schoepe generalized XMonad.Actions.GridSelect so that now it can be used to select arbitrary things, not just windows. For example you can use it to spawn an application from a given list in GridSelect fashion. Also GridSelect now allows selecting an element by a click with the left mouse button.

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