xmonad 0.9 available now!


We’re very excited to announce the official release of xmonad 0.9! We think this is a great release.

You can download xmonad 0.9 from Hackage or from your package system. And if you’re using the previous version of xmonad, you can upgrade on the fly — without losing your session.

xmonad is a leading tiling window manager, known for its lightness, reliability, extensibility and efficiency. It supports true multiheaded tiling, and rich, rapid customisation. It is also highly portable, running on regular desktops, laptops, netbooks, phones, game consoles, the OLPC, and more.


More info

The xmonad release announcement is here. We also have a guide to frequently asked questions, a great keybindings reference, and a list of what’s new since 0.8. And see Tombuntu’s guide to xmonad.


Some of the highlights of the 0.9 release include:

  • Actions.SpawnOn: windows go to the workspace they were launched on, even if you’re no longer viewing that workspace. Especially handy for slow-starting apps like firefox.
  • Actions.GridSelect: graphically go to, select and do things with windows, workspaces, prompts, …
  • Focus changes across screens with mouse movement, no longer requiring a click.
  • New –restart command line flag to restart a running xmonad process.
  • Supports for multi-module local configuration files
  • Support for user-defined X event handling
  • xmonad comes with 180 extensions for enhancing functionality
  • Over 3000 commits have been made to the project.

Information, screenshots, documentation, tutorials and community resources are available from the xmonad home page. And you can follow us on twitter.

4 Responses to “xmonad 0.9 available now!”

  1. Congrats on the release! I have been running off of trunk, and it is exciting to see these features officially released.

  2. 2 brian

    Awesome. Thanks.

  3. 3 Sam Bleckley

    Actions.SpawnOn is such good news! I’ve been a stumpwm person for some time (mostly because I’m more comfortable customizing in lisp) but that list of 0.9 highlights might make me switch.

  1. 1 Destillat KW44-2009 | duetsch.info - GNU/Linux, Open Source, Softwareentwicklung, Selbstmanagement, Vim ...

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