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IndependentScreens by Daniel Wagner XMonad.Layout.IndependentScreens can be used to have independent sets of workspaces on each screen (like dwm’s workspace model). Note that this module may be superseded soon by module Braden Shepherdson and Wirt Wolff are developing, which provides more rich set of features. PhysicalScreens by Nelson Elhage XMonad.Actions.PhysicalScreens allows you to manipulate screens […]

A new xmonad layout has been added to xmonad-contrib, by Luis Cabellos. The “cross layout” has a main window in the center of the screen and the rest on the sides of main window, as a cross configuration. It’s similar layout to Circle, but in Cross the focused window always is on top and in […]

XMonad.Actions.CycleWindows by Wirt Wolff Provides bindings to cycle windows up or down on the current workspace stack while maintaining focus in place. Bindings are available to: Cycle nearby or nth windows into the focused frame Cycle a window halfway around the stack Cycle windows through the focused position. Cycle unfocused windows. These bindings are especially […]

One issue that was irritating xmonad users for a while is that if you launch an application which takes some time to load (say, firefox or eclipse) and go to another workspace, program’s windows appears on the workspace you currently are on, not on the workspace the application was launched on. Eventually, solution is found […]

A new xmonad layout has been committed to the xmonad-contrib repository, courtesy Norbert Zeh. Here’s how he describes it: After using GridVariants.TallGrid for a while, I got fed up with the fact that the meaning of columns and rows get exchanged when TallGrid is rotated using Mirror (as well as with other small nuisances). The […]

From now on we are going to announce new extensions from the xmonad-contrib library in this blog. Here are the first contributions of 2009. Try them out! ThreeColumnsMiddle by Carsten Otto A layout similar to Tall but with three columns, where the main window is in the middle. With 2560×1600 pixels this layout can be […]