Archive for the ‘Uncategorized’ Category has a nice post describing a new xmonad layout for  the gimp. Read the full story. Advertisements

xmonad on eee


Matt Gruskin put together some screenshots of xmonad on the eee 1000, Note the use of a tabbed layout, and the prompt extension. See   the full set of shots here

Miles Sabin wrote an interesting post on the xmonad mailing list about a layout that would have xmonad work as a sliding block puzzle. Intriguing!

Sometimes people wonder how a very window-heavy/interactive app like gimp will work under a tiling window manager. The answer is: just fine. In xmonad, at least, the default rule is to float gimp into the floating layer, with optional tiling as you need it. Here’s a quick demo of using gimp under xmonad, so you […]

A great post on the why you would want to use xmonad from Jesse Andrews: Getting Tiled with XMonad. A choice quote: XMonad has defeated all other desktop environments Enjoy!

A new xmonad layout has been added to xmonad-contrib, by Luis Cabellos. The “cross layout” has a main window in the center of the screen and the rest on the sides of main window, as a cross configuration. It’s similar layout to Circle, but in Cross the focused window always is on top and in […]

XMonad.Actions.CycleWindows by Wirt Wolff Provides bindings to cycle windows up or down on the current workspace stack while maintaining focus in place. Bindings are available to: Cycle nearby or nth windows into the focused frame Cycle a window halfway around the stack Cycle windows through the focused position. Cycle unfocused windows. These bindings are especially […]