Tom Dryer has written a great introduction to using xmonad on ubuntu.

What good is having a large display if you’re constantly rearranging windows to fit them on the screen? I got tired of try to fit a web browser with other smaller windows and decided to try xmonad, a tiling window manager that could do this for me.

Here’s the xmonad contrib library visualised with cabalgraph. Thanks for all the contributions!

xmc-fdp has a nice post describing a new xmonad layout for  the gimp.

Read the full story.

xmonad on eee


Matt Gruskin put together some screenshots of xmonad on the eee 1000,

Note the use of a tabbed layout, and the prompt extension.
See   the full set of shots here

Miles Sabin wrote an interesting post on the xmonad mailing list about a layout that would have xmonad work as a sliding block puzzle. Intriguing!

Sometimes people wonder how a very window-heavy/interactive app like gimp will work under a tiling window manager. The answer is: just fine.

In xmonad, at least, the default rule is to float gimp into the floating layer, with optional tiling as you need it. Here’s a quick demo of using gimp under xmonad, so you get  the idea:

A great post on the why you would want to use xmonad from Jesse Andrews: Getting Tiled with XMonad. A choice quote:

XMonad has defeated all other desktop environments