Posts Tagged ‘layout’ has a nice post describing a new xmonad layout for  the gimp. Read the full story.

Miles Sabin wrote an interesting post on the xmonad mailing list about a layout that would have xmonad work as a sliding block puzzle. Intriguing!

A new xmonad layout has been added to xmonad-contrib, by Luis Cabellos. The “cross layout” has a main window in the center of the screen and the rest on the sides of main window, as a cross configuration. It’s similar layout to Circle, but in Cross the focused window always is on top and in […]

A new xmonad layout has been committed to the xmonad-contrib repository, courtesy Norbert Zeh. Here’s how he describes it: After using GridVariants.TallGrid for a while, I got fed up with the fact that the meaning of columns and rows get exchanged when TallGrid is rotated using Mirror (as well as with other small nuisances). The […]