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We’re very excited to announce the official release of xmonad 0.9! We think this is a great release. You can download xmonad 0.9 from Hackage or from your package system. And if you’re using the previous version of xmonad, you can upgrade on the fly — without losing your session. xmonad is a leading tiling window […]

Here are the download statistics for source tarballs and the darcs repository of xmonad, going back to April 2007, when we initially released version 0.1 From April 2007 to March 2009 xmonad core source releases were downloaded more than 35 thousand times. In addition, the darcs repository for xmonad was cloned 24 thousand times, and […]

xmonad 0.8.1 is out. It is functionally identical to xmonad 0.8, but adds tweaks to build with GHC 6.10 (which is now the default on some distributions). xmonad-contrib is also up to date. Meanwhile, work continues on the head branches, with many new improvements coming up for xmonad 0.9. If you’re using GHC 6.10, get […]

The xmonad dev team is pleased to announce xmonad 0.8! Download the xmonad 0.8 release Headlines A general purpose replacement for “gaps” has been adopted. Floating windows pop up on the current screen by default Locale support Rock solid code. No new crash-inducing bugs reported. Many new extensions, including the ability to write your own […]